Offering a Total Solution when having Surgery in South Africa

Medical Travel Solutions uses reliable networks of medical professionals (carefully selected as leaders in their field), Accredited private hospitals, including emergency Medical Evacuation services and commercial flight services for patients needing to travel to South Africa for quality medical treatment, together with value added services within the supply chain, offering a seamless and quality experience.

The company values are based on building long term relationships that are sustainable and mutually beneficial, based on open / honest communication using ethical business practise at all time.

Medical Assistance Services

Facilitating a total medical, health and treatment solution, using reliable networks of specialists within the SA private healthcare sector.

  • E health offering specialist medical support / second opinion to remote sites.
  • Tele Radiology offering specialist reporting to remote sites.
  • Facilitating patients medical treatment solution in South Africa.
  • Medical Procurement.
  • Aeromedical Services-Emergency evacuations and Commercials flight assistance
  • Health Risk / Impact Assessments in Africa.


  • Cost effective.
  • Transparent accounting solutions based on actual costs.
  • Negotiate best rates and cost benefits for early settlement.


  • Issuing Guarantee of Payment (GOP)
  • Administration that is efficient, effective and authentic.
  • Setting up consults, treatment options needed as per medical referrals.
  • Direct settlement with service providers.
  • Case management.

Patients – Value added Service

  • Medical Concierge services for patients needing support and assistance.
  • Foreign language translation.
  • Accommodation and Transfer Packages

The Team

It is our respectful relationship with our teams and network within the healthcare supply chain that allows us to work together offering patients a more appropriate health / treatment solution and being more efficient in our service and cost effective for our clients.

Corporate Coordinators

Lorraine Melvill

Owner: Surgeon and Safari / Director: Medical Travel Solutions

Sharing her 19 years experience as a pioneer in the global health and medical tourism industry.

Liezl Furlong

Aeromedical Services /
Medical Procurements

Sharing 13 years Private hospital management experience.

Patient Coordinators / Case Managers

The case management team ensures that each case is pro-actively handled to facilitate and coordinate the best care of the patient from request to completion.

Tatiana Passos

Patient – Coordinator/Case Manager

Portuguese Speaking

Servicing Patients from Angola and Mozambique

Sharing her 9 years’ experience in occupation health working predominantly in the Oil and Gas industry, nursing in South African, and as a supervising nurse at ISOS in Angola.

Petra Preuss

Patient – Coordinator/Case Manager

German Speaking

Servicing Patients from Namibia

Sharing her 15 years neuro and psychotherapy, hands-on experience with medical specialists in private practice.

Fiffi Katende

Patient – Coordinator/Case Manager

French Speaking

Servicing Patients from Congo, DRC and French West Africa

Sharing her 20 years’ experience offering medical facilitation solutions to French speaking African clients, corporate companies, and governments, using South Africa as a destination for healthcare solutions.

e Health Solutions

1. Emergency Specialist Medical Team

We have a group of medical specialists on 24 hour call to assist with

  • Critical patients needing aeromedical evacuations.
  • Specialist second opinions and medical support to doctors treating patients in remote sites.
  • ICU Physician / Pulmonologist
  • Trauma Surgeon / General Surgeon
  • Cardiologist / Cardio Thoracic Surgeon
  • Orthopaedics Surgeon
  • Neurosurgeon / Neurologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Oncology
  • Nephrologist
  • ENT Surgeon
  • Paediatricians
  • Urologist

2. Tele Radiology Reporting

Training remote technicians and submitting imaging to Johannesburg for specialist Radiology reporting, thus assisting in better
diagnosis and treatment options.

Our Specialists medical team have access to these reports to assist then when making second opinions.

Medical Procurements

Consolidate and co-ordinate medical supplies procurement, ensuring less waste.
Quality / updated  equipment is sourced.

Aeromedical Services

Our aeromedical service provides qualified teams for both

  • Emergency medical evacuations.
  • Commercial flight assistance / Medical Escort.

Commercial Flight Assistance

Commercial Manager – Illze Milbert

Focused exclusively on Commercial Airline Transportation and Escorts for patients internationally, as a more cost effect alternative solution to Air Ambulance transportation.

We have a dedicated, reputable and experienced team of highly qualified Medical Doctor’s / Specialist’s and Advanced Life Support Paramedics with valid travel documentation as well as state of the art equipment specifically designed for commercial travel.

Medical Travel Solutions Services:

  • Medical escort services
  • Medical stretcher services
  • Non-medical escort / Travel companions
  • Medical or Non-medical private charters

Health Impact / Risk Assessment

Collaboration with SHAPE Consulting – Dr Mark Divall

SHAPE Consulting LTD with its partners is recognised as a leader in health impact assessments and has performed assessments across 5 continents either directly or in association with other entities. These have also included large scale Oil and Gas development projects including LNG and complex mining projects in developing country contexts.

SHAPE regularly speaks at international conferences on HIV and has published a number of articles in peer reviewed literature.

SHAPE is in the unique position of supporting a business model and approach that assists clients to recognise and manage their health risks through existing resources and systems.

SHAPE does not have the intent to provide extensive staffing to support a plug and play model to health care as this will not support a sustainable solution to the numerous health challenges in the operations. Capacity building, coaching and mentoring are key cornerstones that SHAPE subscribes to as part of its service offering.

SHAPE provides technical support to Surgeon and Safari and their clients from a health consultancy and risk management perspective, which allows for the effective integration of health planning and management. This can include travel medicine, fitness to work/travel, education or awareness programmes to support of clients in their area of work. This effectively links the health promotion/prevention aspects to medical assistance and case management care.

SHAPE and its partners have done in excess of 90 health impact assessments or community related work. These have all generally been linked to development projects in the developing country context, often linked to Development Financing Institution provisions.

SHAPE has extensive experience in working in sub-Saharan African and other challenging developing country contexts in the extractive industry sector

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