We offer reliable Commercial Medical services to clients needing to transport patients to and from South Africa.


Commercial Flight Assistance is a cost effective alternative to Air Ambulance Transportation:


• Medical escort services

• Medical stretcher services

• Non-medical escort / Travel companions

• Medical or Non-medical private charters


We have a dedicated Team of highly qualified Medical Specialist / Doctors and Paramedics on hand with valid travel documents together with USA and European visa’s in place for any Medical Escort service on a Commercial Flight.

Medical Travel Solutions is unique, in that it offers a total healthcare facilitation solution,
when using South Africa as a destination for medical health treatment.

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NAAMTA Global Announces First South Africa Medical Escort Accreditation for Medical Travel Solutions

Johannesburg, South Africa – NAAMTA Global Medical Escort Accreditation standards and auditing practices set the framework for medical escort services that focus on quality patient care and transport safety. Using a comprehensive audit of administrative documentation, personnel, medical practices, and facilities, NAAMTA Global is awarding Medical Travel Solutions accreditation for their medical escort program.


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Medical Travel Solutions offers a total healthcare facilitation solution when using South Africa as a destination for medical health treatment.

We take pride and share our many years’ experience using reliable networks of medical professionals, private hospitals and emergency Medical Evacuation services in Africa.

We offer a seamless, added value, quality experience for patients needing to travel to South Africa for medical treatment.



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